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Freemium Plan


Starting Price

Free for members upto 400. And $10 Monthly subscription

Ideal For

Solo ProfessionalCreators

Comonetize is a monetization tool that empowers community leaders to move to the next level and turn their communities into professional, profitable businesses. The platform enables the community leaders to create a sustainable business model while giving huge value to its members. Comonetize is a whitelabel online SaaS that provides a one stop shop for these community entrepreneurs. They can create a branded website- up and running in minutes where they can offer their community members, through flexible subscription programs, effective exposure, relevant business opportunities, and much more. Using Comonetize, the community leaders can communicate with their members, collect payments, and manage and use all of the member’s data and activity to target the community’s individual needs. Comonetize is available in five languages

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